Luka Tabbel
Luka manga color
Name Luka Tabbel
Nicknames "The Fox"
Birthdate 24th March
Gender Female
Age 22
Family Nora Tabbel (Mother)

Sky Tabbel (Father)

Affiliation Lion Clan (Defected)

Fox Clan (Leader)

Luka Tabbel is the sole survivor of a fire that engulfed her families home. At a young age she was recruited into the Lion Clan where she was considered to be one of the most talented and skilled recruits in the clans history. At the age of 17 the clan informed her that the Fox Clan was responsible for her families death, Luka Defected and this lead to the Fox Clan Massacre.

Abilities Edit

A side affect that comes from training in the Lion Clan is familiarity with Dragons blood and it's combat applications. Luka's immune system is capable of filtering the toxins within Dragon blood, a trait found in around 5% of humans. However, this trait alone isn't enough to keep her from dying if she were to drink Dragon blood alone, a plant known as Fale must be consumed beforehand to filter out most of the toxins. The plant will filter the toxins in Dragons blood for around 10 minutes, however it is largely up to the immune system of the consumer as to how long they can maintain the blood in their system. Untrained consumers last anywhere from a few seconds to a minute, however Luka has shown the ability to quell the toxins for the full 10 minutes, after which the plants filtering system will expire and cause her to convulse.

Skills Edit

Luka is trained in advanced sword skills and hand-to-hand combat. She wields a small Katana which allows her to go toe to toe with nigh any swordsman, however it's her unarmed and combination of unarmed and sword based combat that puts her on another level. She is widely considered by those that know her to be one of the greatest combat artists alive, able to beat any person one on one and able to take on a very large group of foes simultaneously should the situation arise. This is proven by the events that transpired during the Fox Clan Massacre where she single handedly killed all of the 50+ members, including the leader, of one of the most feared clans in recent history.

Luka has also been shown to have extensive knowledge of explosives. As it is nearly impossible to come across consumer grade explosives, Luka took to developing her own. Though the usage of these explosives is usually restricted to causing small explosions or emitting bright light to stun a foe there are few occasions where she creates a special explosive for a specific purpose. One such example was a large scale bomb capable of blasting through a three metre thick wall during a military assault. Another example would be a bomb Luka spent several years creating, the bomb consisted of several rare ingredients and the resulting explosion was enough to level an entire mountain. Though this power could be devastating in the wrong hands, the bomb used several ingredients which are no longer available, making it impossible to replicate.

Also among her plethora of skills is the ability to create small mechanical gadgets, though this skill isn't used extensively it can sometimes give her an insight as to how mechanical objects might function as well as allow her to create small personal gadgets. An example of this would be a small device mounted with a knife she has strapped to her right arm, by making a curtain hand motion it will unlock a tiny mechanism launching the knife from her sleeve into her hand making an incredibly effective concealed weapon.

Personality Edit

Cold-Hearted and unforgiving, Luka is only interested in pursuing her own goals, often ignoring those in need and failing to show an ounce of human compassion. Calculated and methodical, she manipulates conversations to her advantage with threats and blackmail without a second thought. While being mostly emotionless she is incredibly short tempered when it comes to her parents, making rash decisions and proceeding to beat half to death those making even vague insults towards them.

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