Raven Crystelle
Raven The Wolf
Name Raven Crystelle
Nicknames "The Wolf"
Birthdate 27th July
Gender Female
Age 27
Family Elizabeth Crystelle (Mother)

Kael Hunt (Father)

Affiliation Wolf Clan (Leader)

Raven is the current leader of the Wolf Clan. Taking the position of Leader when her less-than-liked predecessor was Assassinated by both her and her father in an attempt to cleanse the Clan of his vile leadership. Her father was killed during these events and with no candidate for the position the people of the Clan appointed Raven as their leader as a show of thanks for what she and her father had done. Under her leadership and protection the Clan prospered and came to be on good terms with the nearby Bear Clan.

Skills Edit

Raven is skilled in the arts of stealth and tracking, the main principles of hunting in the north. However these skills are often used to be able to track down thieves, and take back any stolen goods while remaining unnoticed. She is also able to wield a bow to great effect another trait gained from hunting, she has great accuracy and is able to easily hit moving targets from great distances.

Personality Edit

Raven is generally very cold to outsiders, refusing to trust or acknowledge those she is unfamiliar with or who haven't proven their worth in some manner. However it is quite the opposite when it comes to members of her clan or those she considers Friends, she is kind, compassionate and understanding. Always willing to help someone in need. Overall she is very confident in herself and her beliefs, she is slow to trust an outsider but quick to help her own.

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