Robin Quill
Robin gda pro pic (color)
Name Robin Quill
Nicknames "Emma" "Helios"
Birthdate 22nd December
Gender Female
Age 17
Family Selen (Brother)

Anax (Father)

Affiliation None

Robin Quill was driven from her home at a very young age, due to a murder attempt from her adopted parents. She was driven to the streets and for the first few years would beg for money. However as time went on and she began to grow older people would take less pity on her and she was eventually forced into thievery to survive.

Abilities Edit

Robin was born with the ability to move at incredible speeds, unparalleled when compared to that of any normal person. However, doing so causes her to sustain burns that vary based on the extremity of the speed at which she moves, this can be avoided to an extent by covering herself in water. However moving at extremely high speeds causes the water to quickly evaporate, the only way to sustain such speed is rainfall.

Robin is also able to heal from extreme non-fatal wounds within moments using one of her abilities. However due to the nature of the ability which burns flesh into creation it causes extreme physical trauma, and as such cannot be performed often or on multiple severe wounds.

Longevity and Rebirth, genetic traits passed down to her. Robin will not age past her peak in physical conditioning (Around the age of 25). Also, if she were to die she would be reborn. Her spirit symbolizing the sun would seek out ashes upon her death where she would be reborn an infant, this cycle is inevitable and cannot be avoided. Meaning she is somewhat of a "Descendant" to the original owner of this body and spirit.

Skills Edit

Due to her time on the streets Robin became a skilled thief, though she never stole more than what she needed to get by there were times where she demonstrated a great amount of skill in lock picking and sleight of hand to obtain food or other necessary resources.

She was later trained in unarmed combat by Luka Tabbel over the course of several months, though she devoted herself greatly to this training she was understandably unable to attain a level of combat anything near that of Luka's, however she was able to use this knowledge to defend herself and contribute to combat situations.

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